How to Measure Head Size for Hats

Head size for hats is used to make measurements in the head making. It helps in the fitting of the hat on your face and head. Proper head size not only enhance your face beauty but also increase your personality. A Head hat has great importance for the protection of the head in severe weather and for many other purposes like university graduation, religious reasons, casual purposes, high profile events, etc.

Types of material in hat making:

Different types of material are used in hat making according to customer’s requirements and ease.

  • Polyester:

Due to the durability and resistance of polyester people love to wear hats made from polyester. Actually, it’s recycled plastic. It’s cheaper than any other fabric. 

  • Wool:

It is flexible and elastic. Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Nylon:

Water resistance is durable and abrasion-resistant fiber.

  • Cotton:

The best fiber in hot and summer weather. It is breathable, soft, and allows heat to escape from the body.

How can you measure the head size for hats?

There is more to finding the ideal hat than just appearance and utility. Fit also plays a role. Hats can enhance your appearance and go well with an outfit when they fit properly. Hats that don’t fit properly can wind up in a box in the back of your closet. Even the most fashionable hat won’t be much use if it’s always falling down over your eyes or tucked away. It’s crucial to determine your size before making a purchase if you have your eye on the ideal headwear. Even hats with the “one size fit most” label isn’t always appropriate for everybody. Measure your head precisely and use the sizing chart above as a guide to get the perfect fit for you.

Material required:

Take out a ruler and measuring tape or a 25-inch rope first. After gathering your materials, complete these quick and simple steps:

  • Measure the circumference of your head by evenly wrapping a measuring tape or piece of string around it until it overlaps. For the most precise measurement, keep it about 1 inch above your ears.
  • Choose your size: After measuring the circumference of your head, measure the length of the string or measuring tape on your ruler.
  • Make use of the hat sizing chart: Take your ruler measurement and look up the equivalent size on the chart to get your hat size. The measurements on these charts are often given in centimeters and inches. Adult hats typically range in size from 53 to 58 cm.
  • We advise sizing up to the nearest 1/8-inch if your measurement falls between two sizes. The hat’s sizing tape can then be used to adjust the size if necessary.

Despite the fact that there is an industry-standard, it is crucial to remember that every hat manufacturer is unique. Depending on the firm that made the hat, there may be differences and discrepancies in sizing. To make sure you have the right fit, it’s crucial to measure your head and consult the hat’s specific sizing guide.

How to measure your hat size?

You must first realize that hats exist in three standard sizes in order to select your proper size:

  • Here, SM, MD, LG, XL, and occasionally 2 & 3X sizes are the most often utilized sizes.
  • Half-sizes are the second most popular size that they offer on different websites. SM/MD and LG/XL are the only sizes that are typically available. There are even 2X sizes on occasion.
  • The actual size in inches or centimeters is the more conventional measurement. These sizes are frequently found on more expensive hats.

You can get a general idea of what size hat to wear by measuring your head and referring to the hat sizing chart above. It is crucial to keep in mind that every hat is slightly different and that these size correspondences between brands and styles are not always exact matches. Before mailing your item, we are delighted to measure the inside of a hat that you see on different websites to your head size to assure a suitable fit. Additionally, Hats Unlimited has a thorough return policy. It’s simple to return your hat for a refund or exchange if the size isn’t quite right or you don’t like the fit. Everyone’s objective is to fit you with the ideal hat.

Tips for measuring hat size:

Adults typically have a head circumference of between 53 and 58 millimeters. A man’s hat size will often be around 5Measure Twice, Buy The proverbial “old carpenter’s proverb” also applies to measuring hats. Especially if this is your first time measuring your head, it can be hazardous to utilize the first measurement you take. You can be stuck with an uncomfortable hat if you order one based on an erroneous measurement. Make it a point to measure at least twice before placing your order to avoid this issue.

Record the circumference in both centimeters and inches after the initial measurement. Adults’ typical head circumference ranges from 53 centimeters to 58 centimeters. the second time, measure. If you obtain the same measurement twice, you are undoubtedly on the right route. Measure a third time if the results are different from the first. To be certain that you are purchasing the appropriate hat, the objective is to consistently receive the same numbers.

Average hat size for men and women:

Adults typically have a head circumference of between 53 and 58 millimeters. A man’s hat size will typically be 59 millimeters, whereas a woman’s hat size will typically be 57 cm. While being aware of the typical hat size is useful, you should use caution when utilizing it to estimate your own measurements.

It’s important to keep in mind that an average is a sum of small, medium, and big measurements. It does not account for the differences in fit and feel of various hats, nor does it represent the size of the overall population.

Only by measuring your head’s circumference and comparing it to the available sizes can you guarantee an accurate fit when buying a hat.


Different hat styles are intended to be worn in different ways. While certain hats should be loose on your head, others should fit snugly. When deciding what size to order, think about how the hat fits and feels. In some circumstances, this can entail choosing a size somewhat larger or smaller than the dimensions you took. If you’re uncertain, it’s a good idea to ask the merchant for sizing guidance.

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