About the Bucket Hat, How much do you know?

  Bucket Hat, the modern name of the Hat, this tall brimmed flat-topped military Hat is now cylindrical, first appeared in the 18th century Hungarian light cavalry uniforms, mostly made of leather, covered with a layer of cloth or felt, often with metal plates or insignia in front, the top decorated with towering feathers or fur balls. From 1800 onwards, he became the standard army Hat of almost every country. By the middle of the 19th century in Germany was replaced by the pointed helmet, in France with a flat Hat.

  As the name implies, a bucket hat is a hat that looks like a bucket when inverted. Rejuvenated from the street fashion trend of the 90s, it has now become one of the classic hats. Bucket hats can be used in every season, and many fabrics are waterproof and resistant to rain, making it the ideal hat for summer!

  These bucket hats have a short brim and are perfect for casual and outdoor use, so maybe some people think they can only be worn casually? That’s not the case! A bucket hat is a great item that can be worn casually, both casually and maturely, for anyone. Even with the same bucket hat, depending on the pattern and color, it can come out with a completely different flavor!

  Adult Bucket hat Size Guide

  S/M – 57.5 cm

  Medium/Long – 60.5 cm

  Extra large size – 62.5 cm

  Children’s Bucket hat size guide

  XS – 45 cm

  Small – 48 cm

  M – 52cm

  L – 55cm

Hat head circumference size table

  Why have bucket hats become popular?

  Although women’s fisherman hats have been around for a long time, it seems that lately, we are seeing them everywhere.

  They have become a trend for several reasons. First, designers have been incorporating them into their fashion collections. This has inspired celebrities, models and influencers to start wearing them.

  Finally, they are being adopted by the mainstream. You’ll find Bucket hats in a variety of textures and manufacturing methods, including crochet, fur, faux fur, leather, canvas, straw and more.

  Does everyone wear a Bucket hat?

  Another reason Bucket hats are so popular is because they fit almost everyone! Men, women and children can all wear Bucket hats.

  You can wear a Bucket hat with the brim up or down or only partially up. In addition, you can wear it low on your forehead or on top of your head – the choice is up to you!

  How do you know if a Bucket hat is right for you?

  The best way to know if a Bucket hat is right for you is to try it on! Better yet, try something different. If you’re not used to wearing hats, it may take a little time to get used to them, but give yourself time to get used to them.

  In addition, there are many different types of Bucket hats, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

  How should the Bucket hat match?

  For the Bucket hat wearing way no fixed rules, but in for you to choose the right size of the Bucket hat, please remember the following points.

  1. with bright color system Bucket hat, can reduce the overall clothing modeling heavy feeling.

  2. Bucket hat with long hair is more than suitable, the two sides of the hair down can balance the heavy feeling brought by the Hat.

  3. Try not to fold the brim upward ~ will look a little childish. Of course, can also be used as a personalized modeling.

  4. Do not press the brim too low or choose the brim too floppy Hat type.

  5. If you first wear Bucket hat, consider choosing black is the first try the safest choice!

  Don’t wear a hat that is too tight. You want it to be comfortable.

  Consider the activities you will be doing while wearing a Bucket hat. If you’re in the wind, you’ll want your hat to fit snugly so it doesn’t fly off. In addition, you may want to consider a Bucket hat with straps so it doesn’t fly off. The straps also allow you to push that hat away and wear it around your neck when you don’t need it.

  Are Bucket hats practical?

  Bucket hats not only look great, but they’re also a practical accessory for your closet.

  They will keep your head warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s raining, and protect you from sunburn when the sun is shining. In fact, some hats are made with UPF fabrics to provide even more protection from the sun.

  They are often made of soft materials, so they are easy to pack and can be washed when needed.

  In addition, many of the available Bucket hats are reversible, so you can get two unique looks in one hat.

  Here are some cool and stylish Bucket hats that are practical and stylish enough to consider for your closet.

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