What are Dad Hats

Dad hats are ubiquitous these days. And they aren’t only for fathers. They are popular with celebrities, youngsters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

So, what exactly is a dad hat?

Let’s explore.

What is dad hat?

In the early days of baseball, players may wear any type of brimmed hat that kept the sun out of their eyes.

Early players typically wore straw or pillbox hats. It wasn’t until 1858 that players started wearing the rounded, wide-brimmed hats we know today.

The Brooklyn Excelsiors are credited with wearing the first baseball hats. The ball cap evolved into the many varieties.

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How did dad hats originate?

It wasn’t until the late 1970s that baseball caps became a socially acceptable fashion accessory to wear outside of the stadium.

With the introduction of MTV in the 1980s, the baseball cap became synonymous with rap and hip hop acts, a legacy that has lasted to this day.

Dad hats evolved from baseball players’ customary snapback caps and have recently gained their own culture.

Dad Hat

Dad hats are just a 6-panel baseball cap with unstructured front sections and basic emblems.

They’ve been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until lately that they were given their own name and style.

Dad hats lack the frills of snapbacks, truckers, and fitted caps; they are just what your father would wear.

The following are the characteristics of dad hats, so you never have to question what a dad hat is.


A pre-curved brim is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a dad hat.

Men’s snapback trucker hats are typically stiffer and feature either a flat bill or a slightly pre-curved visor.

The dad hat’s curved brim suits almost everyone.


You’ll get the most use out of your dad hat if you stick to simple colours like olive, navy, black, and charcoal grey, like this scout cap.


A dad hat exudes a relaxed vibe.

Dad hats are typically made out of soft cotton or canvas and feel very light and comfortable on the head.

Snapbacks tend to have a large, in-your-face look, but dad hats are more subtle and are designed to both look and feel comfortable.

Dad Hat

Dad hats have an unstructured body, with a plain design and faded appearance.

Unlike the blazing logos and crazy designs of trucker hats and snapbacks, dad hats may have a modest logo, an embroidered design, or no branding at all.


The genius of dad hats is that they are not always supposed to complement your outfit.

Dad hats are designed to be worn casually and with a relaxed appearance.

They’re ideal for outdoor sports and relaxation, such as fishing, camping, and hiking.

Dad hats work best with khakis, jeans, and sweatshirts, or any casual style that complements the hat’s laid-back mood.


Dad hats often have a velcro or sliding fastening and are one size fits most. Some dad hats may also come in a snapback design.

When to wear a dad hat?

Dad hats are rather versatile and can be worn in a variety of casual contexts. Here are some situations where wearing a dad cap may be appropriate:

  1. Casual Outings: Dad hats are ideal for everyday casual wear, such as doing errands, going for a walk, or getting coffee with friends.
  2. Sports Events: They’re ideal for showing your support for your favourite team during a game or while watching from home.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Dad hats offer some sun protection, making them excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or spending the day at the beach.
  4. Music Festivals/Concerts: They’re a popular choice for festivals and concerts, bringing a relaxed mood to your look while also providing sun protection if you’re spending the day outside.

Dad hat vs snapback hat

Dad hats and snapback hats differ in material and adjustability, dad hats and trucker hats vary in material, style, closure, and adjustability, catering to different preferences and fashion tastes.


Dad hats are often composed of soft, unstructured fabrics such as cotton or twill. This gives them a comfortable, worn-in feel that conforms to the contour of your head over time.

Snapback hats often have a rigid form and a stiff, flat brim. They are frequently constructed of acrylic, wool, or polyester, resulting in a more structured and robust construction.

snapback hat


Dad hats often have a metal buckle or cloth strap clasp at the back, which allows for easy adjustment to fit different head sizes.

Snapback hats are named from the adjustable snap fastening on the back. This enables for a more customised fit by adjusting the closure to different positions.

Dad hat vs trucker hat


Dad Hat: As previously said, dad hats are typically composed of soft, unstructured materials such as cotton or twill, providing a pleasant and relaxed fit.

Trucker hats have a unique design with a foam front panel and mesh back panels. The front panel is often constructed of foam, while the back panels are made of polyester mesh to provide breathability.

trucker hat


Dad hats are often more subtle, with a curled brim and a relaxed crown. They are popular because of their simplicity and versatility, since they can be worn with a variety of casual clothes.

Trucker hats are noted for their distinctive style, which has a high, structural crown and a flat brim. The foam front panel is frequently used as a canvas for various designs, logos, or images, giving them a more vibrant and eye-catching appearance.


Dad hats typically have a metal buckle or fabric strap fastening at the back, which allows for easy adjustment and a unique fit.

trucker hats

Trucker Hat: Trucker hats, like snapback hats, have a plastic snap fastening at the back that allows for adjustable fitting.


Dad hats have adjustable sizing via a buckle or fabric strap clasp, making them ideal for a wide range of head sizes.

Trucker Hat: Trucker hats include adjustable size and a snap clasp at the back, allowing for a unique fit.

Difference between Dad Hats and Baseball Caps


Dad hats are often composed of soft, unstructured fabrics such as cotton or twill. These materials give dad hats a relaxed, worn-in appearance, making them suitable for daily wear.

Baseball hats are typically composed of sturdier, structured materials such as wool, polyester, or a combination of the two. This structural construction allows baseball caps to retain their form and durability over time.

Braids baseball cap


Dad hats are often more laid-back and easygoing. They have a low-profile crown and a curved brim, giving them a relaxed, modest appearance.

Baseball caps are distinguished by their sporty and athletic design. They usually feature a higher-profile crown and a flat brim, giving them a more structured and conventional look.


Dad hats often have a metal buckle or cloth strap fastening at the back. This adjustable closure allows you to easily customise the hat’s fit.

Baseball caps usually include a plastic snap clasp or a hook-and-loop strap on the back. These closures are adjustable to give a secure and comfortable fit.

Baseball cap


Dad hats offer moderate adjustability through the use of a buckle or cloth strap clasp. This allows wearers to customise the hat to fit their head size comfortably.

Baseball caps provide more adjustability with snap closures or hook-and-loop straps. This enables for more exact fitting modifications to suit various head sizes and preferences.

Last words

Dad hats are characterized by their soft, unstructured material and curved brim, offering a relaxed and casual style.

They commonly feature buckle or fabric strap closures for adjustable comfort, making them a versatile choice for everyday wear.

Dad hats boast soft, unstructured materials with buckle or strap closures for adjustable comfort.

Dad hats offer a relaxed, casual style with curved brims, while baseball caps sport a more traditional, athletic aesthetic with flat brims.

Both provide varying levels of adjustability to accommodate different head sizes and preferences.


What is dad hats called?

Dad hats are sometimes known as “baseball caps” or “dad caps” because they are associated with a relaxed, casual style similar to what fathers might wear.

Where to buy dad hats in bulk?

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