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Channeling the timeless appeal of hats across decades, the bucket hat has made a significant comeback, echoing the style statements from the flapper era to the unforgettable 90s. Sumkcaps brings a variety of bucket hats that align with every trend on TikTok, worn by style icons like Kaia Gerber, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez. If you’re ready to embrace the nostalgia of the 90s and 00s, here’s how to infuse the classic bucket hat into your everyday outfits.

9 Bucket Hat Ensemble Ideas

  1. Monochrome Magic
  • Look A sleek all-black 90s outfit, think flared pants and a snug ribbed tank.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: Opt for a stark white or a vibrant bucket hat to add a pop.
  1. Loungewear Upgrade
  • Look for Comfy matching knit sets and bralettes.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: Complete this casual ensemble with a bucket hat for an effortlessly chic touch.
  1. Sporty Chic in a Sweatshirt Dress
  • Look: The simple yet trendy oversized sweatshirt-as-a-dress.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: Adds a playful element while maintaining the sporty vibe.
  1. Color Burst
  • Look: Brightly colored plaid pants paired with a contrasting jacket.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: A matching bucket hat to tie the vibrant hues together.
  1. Beach-Ready Style
  • Look: Bikini paired with an oversized shirt cover-up.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: A straw bucket hat for practical yet stylish sun protection.
  1. Pattern Play
  • Look for a Bold pattern mixed with large-print bottoms and a small-print top.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: A third print on the hat to unify the colors and patterns.
  1. Casual Comfort
  • Look: The classic combination of jeans and an oversized knit.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: This adds an intriguing twist to this go-to uniform.
  1. Sundress Simplicity
  • Look for Casual sundresses for warm-weather outings.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: Provides sun protection while dialing down the dressiness.
  1. Retro Revival with Overalls
  • Look Denim overalls for a total 90s throwback.
  • Bucket Hat Pairing: A fun print on the hat to top off this nostalgic look.


The bucket hat is a versatile accessory that can elevate various outfits, from casual loungewear to bold patterned ensembles. Embrace these nine outfit ideas to integrate the bucket hat into your daily fashion repertoire with a touch of 90s and 00s nostalgia.

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