Difference of 5 Panel VS 6 Panel Hat

Hats are popular fashion accessories, but their construction differs slightly, affecting their appearance and customization capabilities.

Along with fabric weight and substance, one of the most significant differences is the number of panels.

Hats are available in a variety of shapes, but the two most common are 5-panel and 6-panel.

In this Article, we will discuss the differences between a 5-panel hat and a 6-panel hat in detail.

Particular Differences between 5 Panel and 6 Panel Caps

The fundamental distinction between a 5-panel hat and a 6-panel hat is the structure and style of the hat.

A 5-panel hat consists of two back panels, one on each side (for a total of two), and one front panel.

A six-panel cap has two rear panels, one on each side (for a total of two), and two front panels.

5 panel unstructured snapback caps

The 5-panel cap features a wider front panel with no seams or stitching, which is sometimes chosen for screenprinting or heat transfer.

A 6-panel hat has two front panels that are stitched together and feature a seam.

Although 6-panel hats are more conventional and ubiquitous, 5-panel caps, particularly the foam trucker design, remain popular today.

What is a 5 Panel Cap?

The distinction between 5 and 6 panels is disguised on the front of the hat.


The phrase panel refers to the body of the cap, excluding the apex.

In any event, each sort of hat features four separate sewed panels: one on the left, one on the right, and two on the back. 

A 5-panel hat is made by sewing together five distinct fabric panels to form the hat’s framework.

These panels include a front panel, two side panels, and two back panels. The hat design can have either a flat or curved brim.

Sumkcaps 5 Panel Canvas Trucker Hats 3


A 5-panel hat’s design is often sleek and basic.

The hat’s five panels give it a sleek and low-profile appearance.

In comparison to a 6-panel hat, it typically has a shorter brim and a little less structured shape.


The crown of a 5-panel hat is constructed from five separate panels stitched together.

These panels typically consist of one large panel running from the front to the back of the hat, and two smaller panels on each side, along with a single panel on top.

The design often results in a slightly rounded, more streamlined appearance compared to the 6-panel hat.

5 panel baseball cap


5-panel hats commonly feature a variety of closure mechanisms, including snapback closures, strap closures with buckle fastenings, or even simple fabric straps with Velcro.


A 5-panel caps feature a big region free of unsightly seams. This makes 5-panel hats excellent for embroidery.

Another advantage is that you can safely transport the hats in backpacks, bags, and other containers. The arrangement of the panels keeps them from creasing and losing shape.

5 Panel Baseball Cap 1

The simplicity of the 5-panel hat’s construction lends itself well to a minimalist aesthetic, appealing to those who prefer clean, understated styles.

With fewer panels, these hats often feel lighter and more breathable, making them ideal for warmer weather or outdoor activities.

The distinct shape of the crown sets 5-panel hats apart from traditional baseball caps or snapbacks, offering a unique silhouette that can be a standout feature in an outfit.

What is a 6 Panel Cap?

In the fashion industry, the word 6-panel hat does not relate to a specific style of cap.

Rather, it refers to a group of hats that share one feature: their bodies are made up of six sections.

These can be stacked in a variety of ways from hat to cap, such as like pieces of cake or patched together to form a ball. 6-panel hats vary widely in terms of fit and fabric type.

6 Panel Cap


A 6-panel hat is made up of six individual fabric panels stitched together to form the body of the hat.

The panels normally consist of a front panel, two side panels, and three back panels. The cap may have a flat or curled brim.


In comparison to 5- panel hat, the design of a 6-panel hat is typically more conventional and classic.

The extra panel in the back contributes to a more structured and fitting look.

This style of hat typically has a little longer brim and a taller crown, giving it a traditional and flexible look.

6 Panel Cap


As the name suggests, the crown of a 6-panel hat is composed of six individual panels stitched together.

This typically includes a larger front panel, two side panels, and three smaller panels at the back, resulting in a more structured, boxier shape compared to the 5-panel hat.


They might be flat or tall, narrow or wide, with thin or thick cloth. With 6-panel caps, there is certainly a model for everyone. 

Similar to 5-panel hats, closures for 6-panel hats can vary, but they commonly feature snapback closures, fitted styles, or adjustable fabric straps.

6 Panel Cap


The structured design of the 6-panel hat makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of head shapes and sizes. It offers a more universal fit compared to some other hat styles.

With its roots in traditional baseball cap design, the 6-panel hat often exudes a classic, timeless appeal that pairs well with various casual outfits.

The larger number of panels provides more surface area for customization, allowing for intricate embroidery, prints, or patches, making it a favorite among brands and sports teams for promotional purposes.

6 Panel Cap

I should buy 6 Panel or 5 Panel Caps?

Individual style preferences and the desired overall look ultimately determine whether to wear a 5-panel or 6-panel hat.

Both styles have distinct appeal and are still popular alternatives in the hat fashion industry. 

However, you should consider the following considerations when deciding which type to purchase:

Why to purchase a 5-panel cap:

  • Five-panel hats are synonymous with a casual and urban fashion vibe. A five-panel cap is a fantastic choice if you desire a relaxed and casual look, particularly in streetwear design.
  • Five-panel hats are known for their basic design and low-profile contour, giving them an unobtrusive and streamlined appearance without any additional panels or structural elements. If you like a more understated look, a five-panel cap could be the right fit for you.
  • A five-panel hat’s wider front panel allows for plenty of room for customisations like logos, patches, and embroidered designs. If you want to make personalised items or promote a company, a five-panel cap provides more surface area for customisation.
  • Five-panel hats are lighter and more breathable than six-panel hats due to their streamlined structure. If you live in a warm environment or plan to engage in active activities, a five-panel cap may give more comfort and breathability.
6 Panel Cap

Why to purchase a 6-panel cap:

  • Six-panel caps with a structured fit and somewhat elevated crown are commonly associated with a more polished and refined appearance. They are a wonderful alternative for events that require a dressed-up or preppy fashion look.
  • Six-panel hats are commonly used as part of sports team uniforms or fan attire. If you’re a sports fan or want to show your support for a specific team, a six-panel cap embellished with team emblems or colours may be the best choice.

Finally, the decision between a six-panel hat and a five-panel hat is determined by personal style choices, intended application, and desired aesthetic. Both types have distinct characteristics that make them excellent accessories for a wide range of occasions and fashion inclinations.

Where can I buy 5 Panel Caps and 6 Panel Caps in bulk?

Businesses wishing to buy 5 and 6 panel hats in quantity can readily find reputable baseball hat providers.

These providers provide a variety of customisation choices, such as logo placement and design variants, to meet unique branding needs.

6 Panel Cap

When ordering in bulk, suppliers may have special requirements, such as minimum order numbers, to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in production.

When working with multiple suppliers, it is critical to inquire about customisation choices, lead times, and special requirements.

How to choose 5 panel hat and 6 panel cap manufacturer

  • Quality and Durability: Look into the manufacturer’s reputation for quality. Look for reviews or request samples to evaluate the materials and craftsmanship.
  • Minimum Order numbers and Pricing: Look into the manufacturer’s minimum order numbers and pricing structure. Some may provide competitive rates for big orders.
  • Confirm the lead times and shipping policies. A manufacturer who can consistently meet your deadline is critical, particularly for time-sensitive projects.
  • Choosing the correct manufacturer necessitates balancing these elements depending on your unique requirements and preferences.

Last Words

Finally, the choice between a six-panel and a five-panel cap is based on personal stylistic choices and intended application.

A 6-panel cap is ideal for a more formal or preppy look, sports or team uniforms, and situations requiring customisation or branding. With its rigid fit, it makes a fantastic canvas for logos or graphics.

In contrast, a 5-panel cap is frequently associated with a casual or streetwear look. It’s lightweight and breathable, with a minimalist and low-profile design that makes it a popular choice for casual wear or warm-weather activities.

Finally, your decision should be influenced by your personal style, the particular event or activity, and the aesthetic you choose. Both six- and five-panel hats add unique features to the table, functioning as adaptable accessories that cater to a variety of fashion preferences.


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