How to custom make your trucker hat?

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Trucker hats would never be out of fashion. These hats fit perfectly for promotional giveaways, team uniforms, company swag, and kids. With an enduring appeal, trucker hats add some style to your overall look.

Caps and hats always help you to style perfectly without spending much. You can customize your headwear in any way you want. Customize trucker hats to present a cool side of you with your company logo, favorite quote, or picture of yourself.

Are you planning to get some custom trucker hats for your company’s promotional? You might be worried about how to custom-make your trucker hat. Well, it’s not much time taking with the right brand. In this article, we will guide you step by step about the custom-making of your trucker hats at Sumkcaps.

Step 1: Open custom trucker hats

Click on the link to open the store. Move your cursor to the product category and click on it. You will see a drop-down menu with many headwear categories. Click on the ‘trucker hats’ option.

Step 2: Select the template

When you select the trucker hats, you will see about 262 templates for trucker hats. Select the template that you loved most and wanted to use.

Step 3: Choose the design

You will see a variety of designs for trucker hats. Select the one that attracts you otherwise make your trucker hat design. This will give you various choices to make a better decision. Remember that simple designs look more appealing sometimes but it’s totally upon you to go either for the simple or for the complex.

Step 4: Select the color

Playing with colors for your trucker hats is fun. After selecting the design of your trucker hat, you must have to choose a color. You can make your all-black trucker hat. If you are getting the caps for your company’s promotion then select a color in contrast or matches your company logo and theme. For creating certain social awareness, you can choose colors for your trucker hats accordingly.

Step 5: Upload images from the computer

If you have some quick images on your computer, you can upload those images too. Sumkcaps allows you to customize the trucker hats and other headwear in whatever design you want. For this, click on images and view your saved files on the computer. Select the image that you want to upload. Double click on the image and the image will be uploaded. Edit this image according to your choice and click Apply.

Step 6: Customize your trucker hat

After selecting the template, design, and color now it’s time to custom-make the trucker hat. In the edit icon, you can edit the designs in the way you want. Add your favorite picture or logo to these hats. Add text in most of your favorite font and do whatever you feel attractive for yourself. This all will allow you to make your trucker hat online.

Step 7: Preview your custom trucker hat design

See how your actual design look. It will help you to edit it and make it that satisfies you. For reviewing your design, click on Preview. Check what doesn’t fit best with your design. See if you need to change the color or the font. You can edit all these errors by clicking on the previous button. This will allow you to make changes to the color and design of your trucker hat design.

Step 8: Proceed to order

Have you made your trucker hat just like the one you need? If you are fully satisfied with your design and colors etc. then it’s time to proceed with your order. Submit this information in pdf format to the company and mention the quantity that you want to order.

Step 9: Explain your design to the team

Sumkcaps’s team will contact you after the submission of your design information. You will be asked questions regarding your designs. The team will also give you suggestions regarding your design so that you will get the perfect of what you expected.

Step 9: Pricing and sample order

After all the details are finalized, you will get pricing details from the company. Now, you will have to decide whether you want to order all your trucker hats at once, or first, you want to check the quality through the sample. Whatever choice you make, the company will fulfill it. If you want a sample then you will get it in 1-2 weeks. The company will need your approval.

Step 10: Production order

If you liked the quality then you can go with us for bulk production of custom trucker hats. Once you provided all details regarding your project, you are required to deposit 50% price of your order after which the production order will be commenced.

Step 11: Your order shipped

After placing an order just relax and wait for 2-3 weeks. The team of Sumkcaps will strictly monitor your product production and inspect it closely. After making it perfect, the team will show your product to you for a final glance. Deposit the remaining amount and your product will be shipped.

Why choose Sumkcaps?

You might be thinking that why should I choose Sumkcaps for custom trucker hats or other headwear. Sumkcaps is a renowned Chinese brand that exports its products globally. Hundreds of satisfied customers have put their positive reviews over the last ten years which is the biggest achievement. Apart from this, you can get 3000+ custom styles for your hats, caps, and other headwear.

Sumkcaps also present custom designs that look professional and depict a sober fashion sense. Whether you want traditional or technical designs, Sumkcaps is a one-stop factory with talented, experienced, and professional workers. You can get suggestions regarding your designs from our well-trained team on time.

Sumkcaps focus on customers’ satisfaction and provide the best experience. You can get answers to your queries immediately from the team. Don’t go for ordinary untrusted brands when you have the best one on your hand. You can import custom trucker hats to your country from China. Go ahead and place your order with your custom designs.

Good Luck!

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