Why Custom Baseball Caps?

You can buy baseball caps at any store, from cheap to expensive. But no matter where you buy them, they are not as good as custom baseball caps. Custom baseball caps can be very meaningful to an individual, group, or team. They can be an honor, a symbol, or a memory.

Custom baseball caps have the potential to bring in great profits and drive major profits for your store, but it’s not necessarily the best product for every business.

▸But here are some of the main advantages of custom baseball caps.

  Low cost – Custom baseball caps start at $7 each, depending on the number you order and the add-ons you choose. Considering that baseball caps sell for between $10 and $30, they are a highly profitable product!

  Pleasing the crowd – Custom baseball caps are not just for baseball teams and fans! They are popular among many consumers.

  Customization – You can personalize the material, shape, paneling, bill, closure, etc. on your baseball cap for a 100% unique result.

  Easy to make – You can work with top factories (plus, our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you end up with a product that you and your customers will be thrilled with!)

  While custom baseball caps are a very popular product overall, the decision of whether you should make them for your customers depends on your budget, your audience, your brand, and the other products you currently sell.

  ▸ Unique Design Options for Custom Hats

  There are many ways to add designer flair to your custom embroidered hats. Here are some that you may want to consider.

  - 3D or bubble embroidery offers raised letters and is often preferred for baseball caps, golf caps, or other sports hats

  - Embroidery offers a more textured look, appealing to those who prefer traditional embroidery designs

  - Custom border options include borderless, cropped, or merged borders

  - Various embroidery thread coverage options including 50%, 75%, or 100% thread coverage

  - Custom backing options such as velcro, stitching, iron-on, adhesive, and hook and loop patches for a variety of backing options to suit your specific needs

  - Lowercase letter detail. Custom embroidered letters can be made in even the smallest sizes, complete with detail, and can be easily used for smaller hat letters, names, and team details

  ▸ Custom baseball caps for your team or teams

  Outfit your team with handcrafted, flexible, or fitted baseball caps. At sumkcaps, you can pick your cap and modify it exactly to your liking in our easy-to-use design lab. View many text styles and more graphics, or transfer your baseball player configuration directly to the cap.

  All custom baseball caps are screen printed and woven with top-quality ink. Just a quick 2-week turnaround, or if you still want accessible expedited service! Every order is inspected by our professional experts and is guaranteed to be outstanding.

  ▸ Show off your brand and keep your mind warm

  At sumkcaps, we offer a wide range of custom baseball caps. Our custom baseball caps are available in different colors and sizes. Don’t worry if you don’t know the specific design of the cap. You can get inspiration from our gallery as there are different types of hats to choose from and you can order hats from our gallery.

  We have a team of professional and qualified designers. At sumkcaps, we use the best materials for each product, so we can make sure that you will love your hat from day one.

  Once you have provided your logo or picture and ordered your product, a specialist from our team will contact you to confirm your design and ensure that you wish to proceed with your purchase. You will receive proof of your hat design via email.

  It is assumed that if you are not satisfied with our sample, then you can discuss changes with our experts to ensure that you get exactly what you need. After receiving confirmation, we will proceed to the production phase where we will design your hat. After this stage, we will deliver your order with our fastest delivery service.

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